M&E Commissioning Management

Aura Technical Services Ltd are a specialist technical management company who provide technical support to clients and main contractors in the UK construction, fit out and refurbishment industry.

Aura Technical Services offers a turn key commissioning management service which will ensure that all of your construction site M&E systems are handed over to a high compliant standard.

We can provide a scope of services that suits your specific needs and project requirements. As a minimum we can assist in the following areas:

  • Initial review of M&E drawings to assess commissioning feasibility
  • Production of a detailed commissioning programme
  • Production of detailed switching schedules
  • Chair and minute weekly commissioning meetings
  • Witness all services testing and commissioning on behalf of the main contractor
  • Produce sign off documentation for the client’s representative to sign
  • Ensure compliance with the relevant CIBSE commissioning guidelines
  • Comment on commissioning method statements such as the flushing procedure
  • Black building testing schedules
  • Undertake building management system point to point testing verification
  • Compile handover documentation for all M&E systems
  • Ensure that all permits are in place such as the discharge of effluent permit
  • Organise and manage seasonal commissioning
  • Ensure continued involvement to comply with soft landings
  • Plan and organise client training

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